Ecclesiastes 4:12 (ESV) "And though a man might prevail against one who is alone, two will withstand him—a threefold cord is not quickly broken."

USMB is partnering with immigrant churches through the new CORD program. CORD will provide biblical training around our Confession of Faith, assistance in establishing a stable place of worship, leadership development and connection with like-minded congregations.

USMB will partner for 3 years with up to three vetted congregations at a cost of $55,500 per church, funded primarily by congregations and individual partners. To qualify for CORD, a church must have joined a USMB district and credentialed its pastor. Would you consider partnership through financial resources or relationship building?

Click here to donate and select the CORD designation. For more information, contact Terry Hunt at

Ten Congolese congregations are part of the U.S. Conference of MB Churches:

  • Christ Salvation Church, Kansas City, Mo., Pastor Muhizi Serukiza, SDC
  • Christian Center the Hand of God, Hamilton, Ohio, Pastor Hermann Mputu, EDC
  • Disciples International Christian Church, Portland, Maine, Pastor Lawum Kayamba, EDC
  • Grace Tabernacle Ministries, Indianapolis, Indiana, Pastor Emmanuel Musinga, CDC
  • His Grace Christian Life Church International, Nashville, Tennessee, Pastor Alex Mutabazi, EDC
  • Holy Jerusalem Pentecost Church, Coralville, Iowa, Pastor Moise Byizigiro, CDC
  • Restoration Church of Christ, Cincinnati, Ohio, Pastor Jules Mukaba, EDC
  • Royal Family International Church, Fairfield, Ohio, Nico Kinwa Mandanda, EDC
  • Naioth Revival Center, Columbus, Ohio, Pastor Samwel Kadegema, EDC
  • New Jerusalem Temple,Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Pastor Claude Tambatamba, CDC

The Opportunity

Isaiah 54:2 (ESV) “Enlarge the place of your tent, and let the curtains of your habitations be stretched out; do not hold back; lengthen your cords and strengthen your stakes."

The numbers on migration are staggering. The office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees publishes up-to-date data and tracks monthly trends concerning the numbers and needs of refugees around the globe. Other organizations provide statistics for the total number of people on the move (both within and across international borders), the percentages of those who are foreign-born in host countries, the impact of gender and human trafficking, and more. The International Organization for Migration, drawing from United Nations data, puts the total number of international migrants in mid-2019 at over 270 million. Still other resources are more regionally focused, such as those that concentrate on the situation in the United States.

The magnitude of realities connected to migration – economics, health care, education, local and national security, cultural and demographic changes and more – and their corresponding legislative challenges now dominate political debates around the world. Human history has always been characterized by migration, but at no time on this scale.

These tectonic changes raise questions for Christians. In a world where over 270 million people are on the move, what does it mean to be the Church? What does the weight of this human need mean for Christian mission? How might all of this impact what it means to be a Christian today?”1

1pg.1,The Bible and Borders: Hearing God’s Word on Immigration, M. Daniel Carroll R., Brazos Press, 2020

Our Response

We will partner together with like-minded immigrant churches and leaders to provide:

  1. Biblical training and educational resources focused around our Confession of Faith.
  2. Assistance with establishing a stable place of worship.
  3. Development of pastors and key leaders capable of shepherding a healthy church
  4. Connecting each church to available resources and other like-minded congregations.

We will initially start by partnering for 3 years with up to three vetted leaders/congregations as finances allow.

This will include:

  • A ministry stipend for one key leader
  • Assistance with building expenses
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Promotion to our national churches
  • Partnership with our global resources

Our Model = train those who can train others

We desire to create a movement of self-sustaining churches/leaders capable of teaching and/or assisting new and developing congregations. We want those who have been trained to train others; those who have received financial support to give financial support; and for those who have established a community location to assist those who have not. A seed invested in godly soil will produce a harvest for God’s Kingdom!

  1. Biblical Training and Educational resources focused around our Confession of Faith. We require our pastors to have a solid understanding of the Bible and agreement with our denominational Confession of Faith. To that end, we will financially assist the leader/pastor with a qualified Bible training program (diploma or certificate), resources and training on our Confession of Faith, administrative principals, and Biblically based stewardship. We will walk the individual through the enrollment and financial application process and provide $500 a year towards their expenses.
  2. Assistance with establishing a stable place of worship. We understand the need for a safe, affordable, and consistent community meeting place for a growing congregation. We will provide council to the church and offer $1,000 monthly assistance in establishing terms for lease agreements.
  3. Development of pastors/key leaders capable of shepherding a healthy church. We will provide a $500 per month stipend to give the pastor space financially in order to give time towards training and congregational development. Each pastor will also be assigned a coach from their district.
  4. Connecting each church to available resources and other like-minded congregations and organizations. We will facilitate sister church connections within the USMB. It is our desire that there will be a mutual exchange of friendship, ideas, and support. This could be sending delegates to each other’s services, prayer, and special needs. Additionally, we will partner with Multiply and immigrant churches to develop healthy relationships with their home country churches.

We will only enter into an agreement with those churches who have joined one of our districts which includes credentialing their pastor(s). We are committed to only supporting what has been fully funded at the projected cost of $55,500 per church.

Education @ $500 per year x 3 years = $ 1,500
Facility @$12,000 per year x 3 years = $36,000
Pastoral @ $6,000 per year x 3 years = $18,000
TOTAL = $55,500

Please contact your District Minister for further information.


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