All online gatherings are listed in Central time

Wednesday, July 22

11:00 am               Opening Session  (Click the tab in the box to the right for Online Registration 2020)

  • Praise and Worship – Kim Bontrager and team
  • Message – Aaron Hernandez (in English and Spanish)
  • Prayer – Stephen Humber and Kelly Pankratz

1:00 pm                 Webinar 1 – Increasing Your Church's Impact in the Community - Boris Borisov

Thursday,  July 23 

11:00 am              Webinar 2 – Increasing Our Impact Through Generosity – Jon Wiebe, MB Foundation

1:00 pm                USMB Business Session – David Hardt   (View Business Session schedule)

3:30 pm                Webinar 3 – Increasing and Maximizing the Impact of the Town and Country Church – Ron Klassen

Friday, July 24

11:00 am              Webinar 4 – Increasing Our Impact Through Leadership Development – Kadi Cole

1:00 pm                Closing Session – Church Planting Report, Unfinished Business, Prayer, Communion, Closing   (Click for more details)

Saturday,  July 25

10:00 am - 12:00 pm    Congolese Online Mini Summit


The convention speakers have also partnered with us to provide some excellent podcasts.

July 17 – Rob Reimer
July 24 – Nzuzi Mukawa
July 31 – Kadi Cole

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