The vision of the U.S. Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches (USMB) is to empower each local Mennonite Brethren church to reach its full, God-given ministry potential within the framework of our evangelical and Anabaptist distinctives.

To accomplish this goal, we are embracing a strategy that includes:

  • building a strong national presence to catalyze, support and help resource our local churches and districts for ministry,
  • focusing on an organic networking of churches and leaders and
  • zeroing in on three core commitments that will allow us to have maximum Kingdom impact.

Our three core commitments are:

  • church multiplication and evangelism,
  • intentional disciple-making and
  • leadership development.

We are teaming up with other Mennonite Brethren ministries to serve and equip local churches in these three areas. We want to think openly and with a collective USMB mindset while reducing ministry “silos” as we learn and grow in the areas of the three core commitments.

These three core commitments are the focus of specialized ministry LEAD cohorts, LEAD One regional events for church leadership teams and LEAD coaching, life/ministry coaching for pastors and church leaders. Local churches and district conferences are working to plant new churches in collaboration with USMB and Multiply, the new ministry launching in 2019 as a result of the merger of C2C Network and MB Mission.

Networking—leaders and churches connecting with other leaders and churches in an organic manner—is a key element of the USMB vision. When churches share resources and develop closer relationships within our family of churches, we will form a strong loyalty to our common vision and develop community with one another.

As we work together, there will be great benefit that spreads and intensifies. The overall reason for all of this? To reach more people with the gospel and to nurture disciples of Christ Jesus.

Join us as we explore what it means to network together in order to maximize each local church’s God-given ministry vision.

Increasing Impact: Together!


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