Avoiding the Great Resignation

You’ve heard the buzzwords and are likely noticing the nearly-ubiquitous “Now Hiring” signs. The “Great Resignation” is upon us, and the post-COVID workplace is beginning to look a lot different from the office watercolors pre-2020. A bunch of people are looking to change jobs and shift their careers, so how will that affect the Church–and your church?

You probably find yourself in one of two camps: Either your team is currently in the process of hiring/shifting staff positions, or maybe you have a great team that you don’t want to leave. In this new workplace reality, how can we care for and honor our employees so they aren’t tempted to leave?

In this episode of LEAD Pods we’re joined by Michael Buckhingham from Vanderbloemen. He has great insight and tips to help us turn the Great Resignation into the Great Recognition.

Listen here.

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