Celebrating 150 years

The Mennonite Brethren Church Around the World: Celebrating 150 Years

The Mennonite Brethren Church was born in the midst of religious and social turmoil in mid-19th century Russia. Before long it became established in North America, then in India, and soon in various other countries until today it is part of a large global Anabaptist/ Mennonite family. This volume tells the story of a community that has strong faith connections even though it has become culturally and ethnically very diverse.

When these stories are told, there are hints of a struggle for identity, maturity, and the chance to do church or theologize within the relevant context. Imported perspectives from the Global North and West were needed for a time, but the real mark of maturity was to take imported knowledge and reconstitute it for the mission at home. These shifts were not always easy. They can teach us as we continue to reach out with the Gospel across cultural lines.

As a global community we are culturally diverse, but this book can help us find the faith connections that still bind us together. Originally published in English and German, it has now been translated into Spanish, and, on the 10 year-anniversary of its publication, is available for free online.

Abe J. Dueck, Editor

For additional information and a printable PDF booklet, visit the openlibrary.org

Spanish: La Iglesia Hermanos Menonitas alrededor del mundo: Celebrando 150 años

German: Die Mennoniten-Brüdergemeinden in aller Welt: Celebrating 150 Years

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