Connect with your community

Many of our smaller towns have a festival and/or a parade to celebrate holidays. Our town festival is next week (Father’s Day). We are volunteering to pick up trash along the parade route after the event. It’s a nice way to serve our community without trying to promote our church name.

Because our town festival is near Father’s Day, we are handing out cards that say ‘thanks to dads’ with a couple small beef stick Slim Jims in appreciation to the dads of our community. (If moms get flowers at church, I figure dads should get something they like…meat!)

That’s what’s up coming in Mountain Lake, Minnesota. We’re always trying to get things out there (bounce house for the kids during the festival, hosting and feeding the soccer club for their end-of-the-year awards night, etc.) In all these things, we are encouraging people to just start conversations and get curious about reaching people in our community.

About the author: Dan Strutz is the pastor of Community Bible Church in Mountain Lake, MN. Dan and his wife, Susanna have a passion for serving Christ in their community. Dan is an avid coffee lover, baseball fan and cheesehead.

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