Covid-19 Checklist

This checklist is adapted from a post by Rebecca K. Reynolds.

Covid-19 Checklist for Followers of Jesus

During this time of uncertainty we are receiving multiple news updates and mandates of how to protect ourselves and others from coming in contact with the Coronavirus. While these reports and good and can be helpful, they may leave us focused on our own security and comfort.

Although we might not be meeting in our church buildings, we are still the Church. This helpful checklist helps us turn our focus outward to others in some very practical ways.

  • Check on one local elderly friend to let him/her know you’re willing to make a grocery run now to keep him/her out of crowds and offer assistance if needed as the virus passes through your town.
  • Donate to a local organization that stands ready to help the helpless in your community if a crisis escalates locally.
  • Contact at least one out-of-town friend to ask if he/she needs you to mail any sort of supplies that are available in your area.
  • Reach out to at least one family with an immune-compromised member to let them know you’re praying and see if you can run out to buy groceries for them as the virus passes.
  • Evaluate your own motives, preparation and behavior to make sure you’re not likely to add complexity to your community resources.
  • Continue to invest in your local and national economy.
  • Find ways to resist fear-based language or racism in your daily conversation about the virus.
  • Express gratitude and respect for at least one public official who is walking into the face of the virus (police, 911 operators, firefighters, doctors, nurses) for the good of others.
  • Pray daily for God to use your hands, feet, words and life to serve others.

We would like to thank Rebecca K. Reynolds for her thoughtful insights, and those in our USMB family who shared her checklist. 

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