Host a Summer Craft Fair

Every Summer, Stony Brook Church hosts a Summer Craft Fair. This event is always a great way to bless many different people, ministries, missions and volunteers–all with one event.

Using the building space and land God has blessed us with, we offer over 100 spaces to non-profits, craft vendors, direct sales representatives and food vendors. The small fee they pay goes directly to the SBC benevolence fund and Omaha families in need. But, the best parts of the event are the connections made with others in our community and the opportunity for our church family to deepen relationships through volunteering. These benefits far outweigh the monetary benevolence boost.

This year, we hope to follow up with these new community connections and strengthen our existing church family relationships by hosting a potluck concert within a month of the Craft Fair. Our goal is to live out the Gospel by being the hands and feet of Jesus in a real way in our community.

We would like to thank Melissa Hanna for submitting this E-idea. Melissa is the Church Administrator for Stony Brook Church. She is part of the 2019 Craft Fair planning team along with Tony and Susie English, Michael and Marilyn McKee and Mike Wall.

Stony Brook Church in Omaha, Neb., is a church family on their way to celebrating their 10th Anniversary. They are still on a journey of “Living the Gospel” as they are “learning love” together in community.

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