LINEUP to welcome new people

The congregation at Pine Acres Church in Weatherford, Oklahoma, is learning a new and simple way to greet new people–by lining up!

Look for someone you don’t know.
Introduce yourself.
Never sit alone.
Engage in meaningful conversation.
Understand where they are in their journey.
Pray for them.

LOOK around the room for someone you haven’t met. You may say, “I don’t meet people well.” Ask God to help you to go them.

INTRODUCE yourself. Trust me, God will give you the strength and boldness you need to help others feel at home.

NEVER sit alone. One Sunday I noticed a gentleman sitting by himself. Well into the service I slipped in and sat down close to him. Afterwards, I simply introduced myself and allowed God to take it from there. By the way, he is now actively involved in our church and looking for ways to help others feel at home!

ENGAGE in meaningful conversation. Start with simple questions to start the conversation: Where do you live? Do you work or are you going to school? Do you have a family?

UNDERSTAND where they are in their journey. Most people simply want to be understood. They might be at a terrible place in their lives or they may be at the most beautiful time of their lives. Get to know them and be understanding.

PRAY. After learning a little about them, please remember to pray for them. God knows them and He will be interested in hearing us talk to Him about them.

I hope this simple little acronym will help your church reach out to meet new people. I encourage everyone, including myself, to become better and better about meeting guests God is sending our way and helping them become part of the church family.

*About the author: Tony Cannon transitioned to the role of Care and Connect Pastor in August of 2017 after nearly 40 years of experience in music ministry. Tony loves people and enjoys caring and connecting with the new faces of Pine Acres Church. He and his wife, Reggie, also enjoy spending time with their two married daughters and four grandchildren.

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