Mar. 15, 2022

In Psalm 46, the psalmist writes, “God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble.” Let’s continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in Ukraine. Also, I ask that you join with those who have called for a day of prayer and fasting on Wednesday, March 16.

Prayer requests/news:
1. There are several ways to provide assistance for our Ukraine brothers and sisters. If you haven’t read it already, please see this post:

2. I’ll be traveling to Mission, Texas, for the dedication service for the new Mission MB Church facility on Sunday evening, March 20. What a testament this new building is to the dedication and perseverance of this congregation as they prepare for enhanced ministry in this southern Texas city. Pray with me for them as they celebrate and as they seek to bring the Good News to their community and beyond.

3. We continue to need leaders for positions on national committees. We’re asking God for guidance for MCC, Church Planting Council, MWC and other positions to be presented at the 2022 convention in Kansas City.

4. The National Pastors’ Orientation (NPO) will be held March 28-30 in San Diego. We’re expecting 20+ new pastors, and many spouses will also attend. It’s a great time to build relationships and to learn more about USMB and other agencies. Please pray for these pastors and spouses and for the presenters.

5. The USMB Board of Faith and Life and USMB Leadership Board will hold meetings following the NPO in San Diego March 31-April 2. There are many crucial issues and important decisions to be made. Please pray for board members, for discernment, wisdom and guidance.

6. USMB Gathering 2022: Please begin now praying for our speakers, worship team, testimonials and workshop leaders for the pastors’ conference and convention (July 26-30 – north KC area). You can get more info here:

7. Multiply Board meetings are to be held April 3-5 at Cedar Springs, Washington. There is much to consider and discuss. Pray for board members and also for the continuing search for the next general director.

8. Following the Multiply Board meetings I will be entering into a three-month sabbatical. Part of the time will be spent in Brazil for the ICOMB Summit. But, I hope to set aside some normal work-oriented things so that I can concentrate more on family, rest, Bible reading, study, home projects and prayer.

9. The new Church Planting Council met recently and were encouraged by discussing a couple of new church planting project proposals! Please also continue to pray for the fulfillment of the USMB Church Planting Mobilizer position.

10. Please pray for me that the Lord might grant discernment, direction, wisdom, compassion, understanding, gentleness and grace.

Thanks for your prayers!



Don Morris
USMB National Director

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