May 30, 2024

Last time I wrote, I mentioned the ankle surgery I had just had and that I was on crutches. When the surgeon took off the soft cast after a couple of weeks, he remarked that it looked great and I should try walking on it. I did and had no problem walking. He indicated I wouldn’t even need a boot. I was then walking through airports just three days later. God is so good! The ankle has healed very nicely, and I am grateful.

Prayer requests/news:
1. By now you have likely seen the announcement that Aaron Box, pastor of North Park Community Church in Eugene, Ore., has been named the next USMB national director. Please welcome Aaron! He has served as senior pastor of North Park Community Church since 2011 and has more than 20 years of experience leading in ministry positions. He and I will work together for the month of July. I’ll try to fill his head as much as possible with all the juicy tidbits… sorry, with all of the pertinent info I have in my head. It won’t take long I’m sure.

2. This is a repeat: As an outcome of the recent Vision Summit in Arizona (January), some new programs are now in the works. A new LEAD Cohort will be held this fall, led by Kyle Goings, NextGen pastor of Ridgepoint Church in Wichita, Kan. This cohort, about leadership development, will continue the conversations that were held at the Vision Summit—keeping the dialogue moving forward and continuing to address the critical need we have for developing new leaders. Please keep asking: “Who could I ‘shoulder-tap’ this week, encouraging them to think about future ministry leadership?” Please pray that we might continue to receive God’s wisdom for this critical aspect of need for our conference of churches.

3. In addition, a major new resource provided by USMB is now live. Leadership Fuel is a new webpage created for leaders passionate about leadership development, both their own but more specifically pertaining to those in their sphere of influence who they consider just might be gifted/primed for future ministry. Go to to engage with this dynamic new site. Lori Taylor was very instrumental in the creative development of this new webpage.

4. In the last issue of Snapshot, I mentioned Scott Thomas was taking the reins as USMB church planting mobilizer on a contracted basis through year-end. I regret to inform you that Scott has now resigned this role for a variety of reasons but will continue to coach our church planters and provide assessments as well as online cohorts for training. I don’t think it’s news that we need traction with our church planting initiatives. The Church Planting Council (CPC) is meeting regularly to work through how to proceed with this critical need. Please pray for them. They will meet again on June 13.

5. This is a repeat: Our USMB staff is preparing for several transitions this summer. Donna Sullivan, long-serving (33 years) administrative secretary/event planner/bookkeeper, Lori Taylor, webmaster, and I will all be concluding our positions (just following the national convention). In addition, Henri Ngolo is now serving the Eastern District Conference for their immigrant ministry work. Henri concluded his time as a USMB employee on March 31. There have been and/or will be a lot of staff changes. Please pray for smooth transitions.

6. We’ve hired a very gifted person to begin July 1 for helping with the administrative assistant duties that Donna has provided over the years. J.L. Martin, still on the USMB staff, was hired last year to provide bookkeeping and event planning. This person will be part-time, providing the administrative part of what Donna did. That announcement will be coming out soon. Yes, Donna pretty much did the work of 1.7 people for many years! Please be sure to thank Donna for all of her excellent, hard work over the years on behalf of our USMB family and for the Kingdom. Lori Taylor was a huge gift to our USMB family as well. Working as administrative assistant for several years and then taking over webmaster duties the past few years. She also has provided much excellent work. Please thank her as well. The Lord blessed us greatly through these two very gifted women.

7. LEAD Pods Episode 104 is ready for download! There have been more than 14,000 downloads of LEAD Pods episodes. If you’re not listening, you’re missing out! By the way, if you’re interested, I’m on Episode 103. (Yes, this is a self-serving, egotistical post).

8. If you haven’t registered for USMB Gathering 2024, NOW is the time! Preparations for our next USMB pastors’ gathering and national convention are mostly finished. July 23-25, 2024, for the pastors’ conference and July 25-27 for the national convention are the dates. This will be held at the Doubletree Downtown Hotel in Omaha, Neb. We chose this location for the convenience it provides for many people to drive to Omaha, obviously and especially this is true for those living in the Midwest. The theme for this gathering is “Salt and Light: Faithful Living in a Secular Culture.” There will be some top-notch guest and in-house speakers, inspiring worship, informative breakouts, testimonies and great fellowship. Please plan to join us! Find all the details on our website.

9. I get asked quite often, “What do you plan to do when you retire?” My answer: “I’m still trying to figure out what I’ll do after retirement begins.” But, I’m sure God has something in store.

10. As usual, several Zoom meetings and on-site meetings are on my calendar in the next couple of weeks/months. There are always significant issues (concerns) on my plate – prayers are appreciated.

11. Overall: Please pray for me that the Lord might grant discernment, direction, stamina, energy, wisdom, compassion, understanding, gentleness and grace. Thanks for your prayers!

Don Morris
USMB National Director

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