Path of a Peacemaker: Reconciliation Guide

Do you wish you could sit down and have someone walk you through a conflict? The Path of a Peacemaker: Reconciliation Guide is a handbook that does exactly that. It is meant to be used by those who want to walk through a conflict biblically, or as a tool by biblical counselors helping others. It’s like having a Path Coach sitting next to you. This 108-page handbook will walk you from beginning to end and teach you how to apply biblical principles to your conflict.

Designed by a pastor, this guide helps individuals walk through conflict and makes biblical counseling easier and enriches your time with those you help. The Path of a Peacemaker: Reconciliation Guide empowers pastors and church leaders to walk others through conflict in a God-honoring way. The Guide was designed to work as a self-led series of biblical steps toward conflict resolution and restoration in difficult relationships. You can walk through conflict by yourself or use it as a helpful tool in biblical counseling sessions.

Included in the guide:

  • Biblical conflict resolution process
  • Mini-guide for biblical counselors
  • Contemplation and Prayer sections
  • Journaling sections for thoughts and notes
  • Over 100 pages of practical peacemaking
  • Great as a biblical counseling tool

Learn more about the guide here

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