Re-Think: 9 Paradigm Shifts for Activating the Church

Re-Think: 9 Paradigm Shifts for Activating the Church by Brad Briscoe (Free e-book)

In this e-book, Brad presents 9 key paradigms shifts the Church needs to experience when desiring to equip and activate all the people of God to engage in His Mission.

Every organization, including the church, is built upon underlying paradigms or assumptions. This is not the same thing as the church’s beliefs or theological systems. Rather the paradigm determines how an organization thinks and, therefore, acts. Paradigms explain and then guide behavior. If we try to restructure an organization but leave the original paradigms in place, nothing will change within the organization. Therefore, for real change to take place, we need to experience a paradigm shift or, in most cases, multiple paradigm shifts.

Click here to access the free e-book.

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