Receiving the Offering

Many struggle with the best way to receive the offering, asking questions such as: When is the best time to pass the plate? Should it come before the sermon or at the end of the service? Does it matter? Here are some ideas for your consideration:

  1. Stop treating the offering time as an intrusion to worship and see it for what it is meant to be…worship!
  2. Give time each week to making your offering time meaningful and worshipful. The offering does not need to be boring. Spice it up occasionally. Change the method used. Be creative!
  3. Change up the time of the offering. There is no “right” moment. Select the most meaningful time each week, remembering that the offering is a time to respond in worship.
  4. Alternate the “message” in the offering appeal between “instruction on generosity” and “what is being accomplished through our generosity.” Connect the dots as to why we give and show the congregation what their gifts accomplish.

*About the author: Jon Wiebe is president and CEO of MB Foundation. Jon is married to Ellynne and they have two sons and two wonderful daughters-in-law. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his family and cattle ranching.

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