USMB Leaders respond to the realities of racism

Dear USMB Family:

The two letters with links below, one from USMB and U.S. Board of Faith and Life, and another, which is a personal reflection from Pastor Terry Hunt of Lenoir, NC, are expressions from leaders in our MB family pertaining to the unrest and pain we’ve witnessed in our nation as a result of and in response to racism within our culture and new acts of violence.

Racism and racist issues have been a part of our nation’s history for centuries. Yes, we’ve made strides, but obviously more healing is needed. As believers, racial injustice and expressions of racism have no place in our individual or corporate identities. However, aiding in the eradication of racial injustice most certainly should be on our agendas. Not just lip service, but advocating for real change and expressing real love for those who experience injustices simply due to the color of their skin. It’s time for all of us to see it, own it, and do our part in ridding our communities and our nation of its awful impact and divisiveness. We all need to truly listen in order to better understand how racism affects those of color among us. May we live according to the way Jesus sees each of us rather than through the lens of difference and the injustices that too often creates. We need to be agents of change, peace and reconciliation so that we might help end the division and lack of peace we now witness in our country and in the world.

In these letters, you will likely agree with things written and you may find yourself disagreeing with some things. Statements such as these are meant to serve us—to help us process and listen to one another and to state as best we can how we feel the Lord is guiding us and how we need to respond collectively as a family of Christ followers. If you disagree with some aspect of the content and feel the need to make that disagreement known to those who have provided their names at the bottom, please do so with respect and Christ-likeness. Responses should be sent to

I also encourage you to watch the webinar, Privilege, Racism and Repentance: An MB Conversation. (The webinar was live on June 17, 2020.)

Finally, I invite you to read through the two letters carefully and prayerfully. May we lift up the name of Jesus as we respond.


Don Morris,
USMB National Director

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