Webinar: We Still Love the Old Testament

This webinar is one of an open MB series exploring the spiritual life titled, We Still Love the Old Testament, presented by Tim Geddert and Lynn Jost.

Andy Stanley has counseled Christians should “unhitch” theology from the OT; the current Christianity Today six-part series is revisiting the place of the “First Testament” in contemporary Christian faith; the first CT contributor, Brent Strawn, has written the book The Old Testament is Dying.

In light of these eye-catching headlines raising questions about Christian use of the Old Testament, what do Mennonite Brethren believe about the Old Testament and its place in the church?

Tim Geddert and Lynn Jost are professors of New and Old Testament respectively at Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary. We hope you enjoy this open conversation about our use of the Old Testament.

This webinar series is co-sponsored by the FPBS Center for Anabaptist Studies (CABS) and the U.S. Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches (USMB.)

Resources from the webinar:


This webinar was live on Mar. 4, 2020.

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