Terry and Kathy Hunt

Terry Hunt

Terry has been serving as District Minister since 2005 and Pastor of The Life Center since 1985.  He serves as a kind of “pastor to the pastors” and by virtue of his district responsibilities, he is also a member of the USMB Leadership Board, National Strategy Team and US Board of Faith and Life. Terry is happy married to Kathy and they enjoy spending time with their four daughters and five grandchildren.

Elaine Maxwell

Elaine is the Administrative Assistant of the Eastern District Conference.  She attends the Laytown MB Church and serves on the Tabor Board of Directors.  Elaine has two children and four grandchildren

Tyron Sturgis

Tryon is the Treasurer of the Eastern District Conference.  He serves as a Deacon at The Life Center.  Tryon is married to Carol and they have two sons.


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