Are you a woman? Are you Mennonite Brethren?

Denisse Aguilar, a Goshen College student working on her senior thesis, invites Mennonite Brethren women to participate in a study, "Women's Clothing in Mennonite Brethren Faith." Aguilar has received funding from the Mennonite Brethren Historical Commission for this study. She writes:

"Are you a woman? Are you Mennonite Brethren?
Are you interested in participating in a sociological study?
If so, I would appreciate your participation in my study. My name is Denisse Aguilar, I am a student at Goshen College working on my senior thesis on Women’s Clothing in Mennonite Brethren Faith. I have received funding from The Mennonite Brethren Historical Commission to conduct this study. I am interested in learning about the attitudes and beliefs of Mennonite Brethren women in regards to dress. Questions will consist of modesty and religious interpretations on how a woman should dress. This exploratory study will be done through a survey."

If you have any questions please feel free to email me:
Upon completion of the survey, you will be contacted about an optional follow-up interview.


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