2020 Workshops

Pastors’ Conference – Wednesday morning

  1. Increasing our marriage health – Rob and Jen Reimer, Renewal Ministries Intl

Developing a healthy marriage requires two healthy people who learn how to grow through conflict. Conflict can tear us apart, or draw us together. We will talk about how conflict can become the place of breakthrough.

  1. Increasing the health of the church in Town and Country contexts– Ron Klassen, RHMA

What does a healthy church look like in Town and Country contexts?  Is improving stats the answer (like increasing attendance and giving)? "But," you say, "I live in an isolated context with declining population." Did you know that the New Testament provides an example of a pretty healthy church, small in size, located in a declining small town?

Convention – Friday afternoon

Track 1:

  1. Increasing generosity, Jon Wiebe – MB Foundation

Stewardship is an essential part of discipleship and generosity is often the greatest barometer of our spiritual journey. A critical key to increasing impact is to increase the generosity of our pastors, lay people, and churches. Let’s explore together how to maximize generosity while growing strong disciples.

  1. Increasing the potential of women in your church- Kadi Cole

Hear a practical and balanced approach to navigating the minefields of this topic with some best practices on how to relate to, develop and equip the female leaders in your church.

  1. Increasing our knowledge about Border realities: What we saw, what we learned, what we now know

Come hear from our MB pastors, leaders and MCC staff as they share on a panel what they learned from visits to the U.S.-Mexico border, organized and led by MCC. The immigration crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border has been highlighted in the news and on social media. Some find it challenging to discuss this issue, given that we have personal connections with folks on both sides of the issue. What does this crisis mean? How do we respond? What are we to do?

  1. How to navigate a church rebranding/renaming– Luke Haidle and Jeremy Jordan

How to consider if a name change is right for you, and practical lessons from our experience.

  1. Diaspora: A hand of God for the blessing of humanity– Nzuzi Mukawa

The God of history is present. He uses the diaspora as His instrument to save everyone in every corner of the world. If yesterday, he used Joseph to bless humanity, Daniel so that the king and the nations would recognize his greatness and confess it publicly, Esther and Mordecai to prevent the king from committing genocide and to invite his subjects to worship Him as the only true God, and on the day of Pentecost to bring the Gospel to all nations; then even more so today He continues to use the diaspora as His hand to bless the nations of the earth.

Track 2:

  1. Increasing leadership development in your church – Q&A– Kadi Cole

During this free “consultation” hour, ask Kadi any question about church growth strategies, multi-site churches, leadership development, working with women on your team, women in leadership, time management etc.

  1. Increasing and maximizing the strengths of the Town and Country Church – Ron Klassen – RHMA

Picture a town and country church that is not trying to imitate larger city churches, but studies itself and its community and then prayerfully designs ministries uniquely suited for its size, place, and time. This seminar will help this picture become a reality as we explore the distinctive characteristics -- especially strengths -- of the town and country church.

  1. Increasing your church’s effectiveness in the community – Boris Borisov

The church is called to go outward into the world, modeling the love of God through community. From a practical perspective this movement should start at the local level – within the neighborhood and City the church resides. This workshop will help churches get involved in their local context by learning about the importance of place, how to map their neighborhood, and how to get involved with what God is already up to in the community.

  1. What’s the Plan? (local, national, global church planting) – Don Morris

Following last year’s release of Multiply for leading church planting in the U.S., some might question—so what’s the plan going forward? This workshop will explain in detail the U.S. national plan developed by a USMB-led task force as well as outlining next step strategies for global mission. In addition, some current church planters will provide stories about how God is at work in our newest MB churches.

  1. The Struggle is Real: Connecting to Millennials and Gen Z'ers – Kyle Goings

Almost 60% of Millennials (1980-1996) raised as Christians have walked away from the church and experts are expecting even higher numbers for Generation Z (1997-2012). We NEED to reverse this trend. We will check out the latest research on these two generations and talk about ways to reach 100% of the future church! (As well as helping our own ministries understand the dire importance of connecting with these generations!)


Childcare will be available for both the Pastors' Conference and the Convention sessions and workshops. 


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