USMB is delighted to be a partner in the Bless Your Pastor movement to help Christians and churches everywhere show and share God’s love with their pastors and church staff. October is Pastor Appreciation month, and the Bless Your Pastor initiative is an opportunity for your church to take seriously the call to care for your pastor.

Across America and the world, pastors and their spouses faithfully serve and love the people in their congregations. Yet, research shows that most pastor families face significant financial challenges. The financial stress that many pastors face can be greatly alleviated when church leadership teams and families discover the many creative ways to show and share God’s love for their pastors beyond the paycheck.

That’s why the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) created the Bless Your Pastor movement, which is mobilizing Christians and churches everywhere to show and share God’s love for their pastors and church staff even as churches work toward fair compensation.

Please click on the links below to access creative ways to bless your pastor(s). We trust that these free Bless Your Pastor materials will be a wonderful help to you and your church for expressing your appreciation.


Don Morris
USMB National Director

50 Ways to Bless Your Pastor

Help your senior pastor receive a FREE $200 Amazon gift* card in 3 easy steps!

  1. Choose which FREE 50 Creative Ways to Bless Your Pastor ideas list you’ll share with families in your church
  2. Collect an Appreciation Offering or have your board approve pastor or staff bonuses.
  3. Celebrate your pastor (or pastor and staff) publicly in several ways listed on the PDF.

Extra Gift! $200 for your Senior Pastor!
For first-time participating churches that complete all 3 steps and collect an appreciation offering of $100 or more, we will email your senior pastor a grant-funded $200 Amazon gift card! For all participating churches, your pastor will be given access to free and discounted retreat and vacation opportunities. Fill out the Bless Your Pastor form to receive these gifts.

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Visit the Bless Your Pastor website to access promotional logos, graphics and videos, or for more information and ideas.

Partnering with MB Foundation

MB Foundation and USMB, in partnership with the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE), are providing two free programs to assist Mennonite Brethren pastors and churches in their stewardship journey. $150,000 has been set aside by MB Foundation and NAE to provide grants for pastors participating in these programs.

Financial Health is a program designed to build Biblical financial awareness and strong stewardship habits. The program contains online resources and training for pastors and leaders. Licensed pastors serving a Mennonite Brethren church are also eligible for grants up to $3,000 to be applied to their personal retirement account or to an upcoming sabbatical. Click here for resources and to learn more.

Bless Your Pastor is a partnership between USMB and MB Foundation to encourage the local church to show and share God's love with their pastors and church staff. Participating churches can apply for a $1,000 grant from MB Foundation available to a licensed pastor for personal retirement savings or an upcoming sabbatical. The lead pastor will also qualify for a $200 gift card. Click here to learn more.

Learn more by visiting or by contacting Rick Eshbaugh, Director of Financial Discipleship, at or 1-800-551-1547.


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