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EP. 097 – Building Generosity Through Accountability (Gary Hoag)

FEB 15, 2024

Like it or not, most ministries require a budget. And even if they don't, Jesus was clear that His followers needed to have an appropriate and God-honoring view of money. As church leaders, how can we realistically encourage and grow our generosity? What steps can we take to earn our congregation's (and our community's) trust so they can be confident their offerings are used appropriately? How can we model generosity to our churches, and just how transparent do we need to be?

This week we're joined by the self-proclaimed "Generosity Monk," Dr. Gary Hoag. Gary is one of our featured speakers at our upcoming convention in July, and he has devoted his career to increasing generosity and teaching healthy giving practices to church leaders around the world. Today he shares practical advice and insightful wisdom that we would be wise to consider in our local churches. MB Foundation has had a long relationship with Gary and is pleased to bring him to the USMB Pastors’ Gathering!

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EP. 096 – Faithfully Different (Natasha Crain)

FEB 1, 2024

According to recent research, the number of Americans with a biblical worldview continues to decline. In our world where secular culture boosts the ideas of self-authority and subjective truth, how can believers stay anchored to Jesus and the Bible? How can we help our kids navigate this new world, and how can we guard ourselves against competing worldviews?

Natasha Crain is this week's guest, and her popular books, blogs, and podcasts are all about this topic. How can we wrestle with truth without losing our faith, and does Christianity really stand up to academic scrutiny? Natasha shares the latest stats and trends, and also encourages us to hold on to prayer and trust in God's supernatural work to lead and guide us in today's culture.

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EP. 095 – Marriage Matters (Nathan Ensz)

JAN 18, 2024

Many people would agree that our relationship with our spouse is among the most important things in life, likely second only to our relationship with Jesus. If the Church believes that, why aren't there more resources for marriage ministry in our local churches? What are some of the biggest issues facing couples today, and how can church leaders help build strong marriages that last?

Nathan Ensz is the lead pastor of Kingwood Bible Church in Salem, Oregon, and he has created a marriage retreat with sessions designed to strengthen and encourage the modern marriage relationship. In this episode, Nathan shares details about his teaching, but also has insight on how we as church leaders can talk about relationships in a way that doesn't exclude the singles in our churches.

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EP. 094 – FPU's Bridge to Ministry & Equipping Young Leaders (Quentin Kinnison & Darren Duerksen)

JAN 04, 2024

As we launch into a new year, we're continuing our theme from December of what our denomination can do to better prepare a new generation of leaders in our MB churches. This week, Dr. Quentin Kinnison and Dr. Darren Duerksen from Fresno Pacific University share details about their Bridge to Ministry Pathway that makes it easier for students to earn a master's degree in ministry.

Plus, Quentin and Darren share their desire to equip Gen Z and Millennials to lead and use their talents to serve the local church. Since they work with college students every day, they also share insight into Gen Z's motivations and goals and how church leaders may be able to utilize young leaders for a new season of ministry.

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