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EP. 004
MAY 15, 2020

Special guest Ben Connelly describes what a Gospel-fluent life looks like and steps we can take to grow in this area. Here's a hint: The Gospel isn't just something that happened 2,000 years ago. The good news of Jesus is as relevant and important today as it ever has been, and that should affect how we live our lives.

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EP. 003
MAY 2, 2020

How can we lead well when no one can see us? How should we be using this extra time we've been given to invest in our families? Do you have a tendency to over-work or under-work? This week we get tips on all this and much more from our guest, Ben Connelly.

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EP. 002
APR 24, 2020

(Hopefully) all churches pray, and (hopefully) we all spend time in prayer in our personal faith journeys. However, there's a big difference between being a church who prays and becoming a "house of prayer." Guest: Esther Leonard.

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EP. 001
APR. 4, 2020

How should the Coronavirus affect our prayer life? How can we grow in prayer if we don't feel gifted or have a personality that easily lends itself to prayer? How can we stay encouraged in these crazy days of COVID-19? Guests: Stephen Humber and Kelly Pankratz of Multiply.

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MAR 30, 2020

Join Don Morris, Lori Taylor and J.L. Martin as they kick off LEAD Pods, give some history of how the podcast got started and give a sneak peek at what's to come.

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