LEAD Cohorts

LEAD Cohorts are online meeting places for small groups of MB pastors and leaders – or anyone interested in learning more about a specific topic or gathering with like-minded people.

LEAD Cohorts are FREE to all participants. The only cost is for books or materials, if recommended by the cohort leader. LEAD Cohorts typically last three months and meet online every two weeks for about an hour.

The current session of LEAD Cohorts began in February. If you missed this session, another session of cohorts will be offered in the Fall. Below is a listing of the cohorts that were offered this Spring. You can expect to see some of these and possibly some new topics later this year. Online registration will be available. If you have additional questions please email Janae Rempel.

About Nothing for Those Who Want to Talk About Something - Phil Wiebe and Tim Thiessen
In community we can dream of fun possibilities, have a context to handle difficult stuff and celebrate each other’s victories. Out of relationships ministry partnerships happen. This cohort is about building and strengthening relationships through organic conversations – what’s on your mind this week? This cohort is for people looking for real friends who love the Lord and want to build His Kingdom together. No other agendas please. For male pastors only.

This cohort is led by Phil Wiebe, lead pastor of Lakeview Church, a new church plant in Stansbury Park, Utah, and Tim Thiessen, lead pastor of Birch Bay Bible Community Church in Blaine, Wash.
Cohort will meet every other Wednesday at 3 p.m. (CDT) beginning Feb. 24
Feb 24, Mar 10 & 24, Apr 7 & 21, May 5 & 19

Church Planters Chat – Fred Leonard
Are you currently planting a church or interested in becoming a church planter soon? This cohort will focus on current church planting issues, delve into vision and church planting strategies and provide opportunities for conversations and prayer with other planters.

This cohort is led by Fred Leonard, lead pastor of Mountain View Community Church in Fresno, Calif. Fred has a passion for developing church vision and equipping and releasing men and women into ministry.
Cohort will meet every other Tuesday at 9 a.m. (CST) beginning Feb. 23
Feb 23, Mar 9 & 23, Apr 6 & 20, May 4 & 18 and June 1

Congolese Pastors and Leaders – Henri Ngolo and Doug Hiebert
Swahili: Unaalikwa kujiunga na Kiongozi mpya wa LEAD Cohort haswa kwa wachungaji wa Kongo na viongozi waliohudhuriwa na Henri Ngolo na Garry Prieb. Cohort ya LEAD ni ya bure. Jumuiya hiyo itakutana kila baada ya wiki mbili kwa karibu dakika 90 kuanzia Septemba 12. Hii ni fursa nzuri ya kukusanyika pamoja mkondoni na kujadili mada muhimu. Tunatumai utajiunga.

French: Vous êtes invités à rejoindre une formation spécifiquement pour les pasteurs et dirigeants congolais à partir de septembre. La formation sera animée par Henri Ngolo et Garry Prieb en collaboration avec USMB. La cohorte LEAD est GRATUITE. La cohorte se réunira toutes les deux semaines pendant environ 90 minutes. Les dates provisoires pour cette cohorte sont les 12 et 26 septembre, les 10 et 24 octobre, les 7 et 21 novembre, les 5 et 19 décembre.

(English Translation: This cohort will discuss Mennonite history; confession of faith; mission and culture; leadership (networking and trust); stewardship; community involvement; partnerships in God’s business; and looking ahead to the future. This cohort will include a panel discussion and Q&A session with Mennonite Brethren leaders during the Sept. 26 session.)

This cohort is led by Henri Ngolo, director and founder of Diaspora Global Resources Ministries, from Kettering, Ohio, and Doug Hiebert, Multiply regional leader for Sub-Saharan Africa, and former MB pastor now living in Ontario, Canada, after many years in Burundi.
Cohort dates and time to be determined

Desarrollando lideres en la Iglesia – Daniel Rodriguez
Este Cohort se trata de como atravez del discipulado y la imagen que Dios nos da en su palabra hacerca de los que es un lider y como debemos desarrollarlos en nuestras Iglesias. Es muy importante que en nuestras iglesias podamos desarrollar lideres para poder cumplir con la mission que Jesus nos ha dejado. El desarrolo de lideres es parte de la salud espiritual de una Iglesia. Aprendamos juntos como desarrolar lideres conforme al corazon de Dios.

(English Translation: Developing Leaders in the Church: This cohort will be in Spanish and is about developing leaders in our churches through discipleship and studying God’s word. It is very important for churches to develop leaders in order to fulfill the mission that Jesus left us. The development of leaders is part of the spiritual health of a church. Let's learn together how to develop leaders according to the heart of God.)
Recommended reading: Designed to Lead: The Church and Leadership Development by Eric Geiger and Kevin Pack

This cohort is led by Daniel Rodriguez, lead pastor of Iglesia Agua Viva in Omaha, Neb.
Cohort will meet twice weekly on Monday at 8 p.m. (CDT) beginning Feb. 22
Feb 22, Mar 1, 8, 15, 22 & 29, Apr 5 & 12

የኢትዮጵያ ቤተክርስቲያን መጋቢዎችና መሪዎች - ሄኖክ ፀጋዬ – Henock Tsegaye
ይህ ህብረት የኢትዮጵያ አብያተክርስቲያናት መጋቢዎች በጋር በመገናኘት የሚጸልዩበት፣ ቃሉን የሚያጠኑበት፣ ኮቪድ ካለፈ በሃላ ስለሚኖረው የመጋቢነት አገልግሎት የሚወያዩበትና በወሩ የመጨርሻው ማክሰኞ የሚገናኙበት ልዩ የአንድነት ፕሮግራም ነው።

(English Translation: Ethiopian Pastors and Leaders: This cohort is geared for Ethiopian pastors and church leaders who desire connection and community, gathering online on a regular basis to talk about church issues, pastoral ideas for worship and doing church during the COVID-19 pandemic, preaching and teaching, praying together and much more. The discussion will be in Amharic and some English.)

This cohort is led by Henock Tsegaye, senior pastor of Ethiopian Christian Fellowship Church in Olathe, Kansas.
Cohort will meet on the last Tuesday of each month at 3 p.m. (CDT) beginning Feb. 23.
Feb 23, Mar 30, Apr 27, May 25

Leading When There's No Map (Part 2) – Stephen Humber
Traditional training does not prepare you for COVID-19 (and coming) church realities, but adaptive leadership does. Fortunately, Tod Bolsinger has written such a book for church leaders. Join us to finish* discussing what it means to lead when you are "off the map"
* Discussion started last Fall. New friends are welcome. First meeting starts with Chapter 9.
Recommended Reading: Canoeing the Mountains by Tod Bolsinger

This cohort is led by Stephen Humber who serves on the mobilization team of Multiply and lives in Denver, Colo.
Cohort will meet every other Thursday at 3 p.m. (CDT) beginning Feb. 25
Feb 25, Mar 11 & 25, Apr 8 & 22, May 6 & 20

Practical Mentoring on Leading a Dynamic Corporate Prayer Meeting – Esther Leonard
If you are currently leading a corporate prayer meeting or are in the process of starting one, this cohort is for you. Corporate prayer should never be boring because Jesus is present. Esther will coach you through developing meetings that are group dialogues with Jesus. You will learn to set goals, find the greater purpose than the group itself, work on structuring the meetings you currently lead and receive lots of creative interactive ideas that teach people how to dialogue with Jesus.

This cohort is led by Esther Leonard, Prayer Ministry Pastor at Mountain View Community Church in Fresno, Calif.
Cohort will meet every other Wednesday at 10 a.m. (CDT) beginning Feb. 24
Feb 24, Mar 10 & 24, Apr 7 & 21, May 5 & 19

Questions and Answers Among Long-Serving Pastors – Ed Boschman
A safe forum for seasoned pastors to pose nagging questions, offer tentative answers, make bold declarations and discover new insights for life and ministry. An informal, minimally-structured time, where coffee and tea and Dr. Pepper drinkers are welcome. A loose outline will be co-opted from Eugene Peterson’s book, “Five Smooth Stones,” in which he addresses: Prayer-Directing (Song of Songs), Story-Making (Ruth), Pain-Sharing (Lamentations), Nay-Saying (Ecclesiastes) and Community-Building (Esther). As time permits, other topics of interest will be welcomed as well.

This cohort is led by Ed Boschman, former USMB executive director, LEAD Coach and member of the ICOMB executive committee. Ed lives in Lynden, Washington.
Cohort will meet on the first and third Thursday at 11 a.m. (CST) beginning Feb. 18
Feb 18, Mar 4 & 18, Apr 1 & 15, May 6 & 20 and June 3

Shepherding in a Rural and Small-Town Context – Doug Habegger
No one ever said shepherding would be easy! It can be especially challenging in a rural and small-town context. In each session, we will provide an opportunity for some good, honest shepherd talk.

This cohort is led by Doug Habegger, Director of Partnership Ministries with the Rural Home Missionary Association in Morton, Ill.
Cohort will meet twice monthly on Tuesday at 10 a.m. (CDT) beginning Mar. 4
Mar 4 & 18, Apr 1 & 15, May 6 & 20

Strength for the Journey: Encouragement to Pastor's Wives and Women Ministry Leaders – Diane Andrews
Being a pastors’ wife or woman in ministry is a joy and a challenge. Whether you are new to the role or a seasoned veteran, you probably need encouragement to help strengthen you in the journey. During our times together, we will focus on the unique concerns and challenges for women in ministry. Topics will include: Personal Soul Care, Family Comes First, Unique Challenges in Ministry, Leaving a Legacy, Narrowing your Focus, Loneliness in Leadership, Stay the Course and Ending Well.

This cohort is led by Diane Andrews, Founder and Director of R & R Retreats. She and her husband, Pastor Mike Andrews, live in Wolf Point, Mont.
Cohort will meet every other Monday at 8 p.m. (CST) beginning Feb. 22
Feb 22, Mar 8 & 22, Apr 5 & 19, May 3, 17 & 31

Youth Ministry Realities – Russ Claassen
Get to know other youth workers as we engage in passionate discussion focused on the realities we face as youth workers. We will explore topics relevant to the group. Sessions may include anything related to youth ministry--from personal leadership development and spiritual growth, to recruiting and training volunteers, parent ministries and talking about Jesus with teens. The possibilities are endless. This cohort is for anyone who works with youth in your local church--volunteers, small group leaders, youth pastors, etc.

This cohort is led by Russ Claassen, Southern District Conference youth minister. Russ lives in North Newton, Kansas.
Cohort will meet every other Tuesday at 12 p.m. (CDT) beginning Feb. 23
Feb 23, Mar 9 & 23, Apr 6 & 20, May 4 & 18, June 1

Dates and/or times on registration forms may not be accurate. The correct information is listed in the descriptions to the left. Once registered, you will be contacted by the cohort leader with more details and information. Thank you. 


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