USMB joins with other Mennonite Brethren church conferences from around the world to work in partnership for mission and ministry. We do this as members of the International Community of Mennonite Brethren (ICOMB).

ICOMB is our global fellowship, with national Mennonite Brethren conferences on every continent. Collectively we number approximately 450,000 members in 19 countries. Currently there are 21 member conferences (including USMB) with several others ready to join in the next few years.

ICOMB’s mission is “healthy missional conferences making disciples.” We encourage and help each other toward this mission vision.

Therefore, each member conference plays an important role in ICOMB. Representatives from each conference meet annually at ICOMB Summits to connect, explore mutual concerns, encourage each other and hear reports of what’s happening around the world. USMB is represented by Ed Boschman, former USMB executive director who also serves on the ICOMB executive committee as the treasurer.

Rudi Plett of Paraguay serves as the ICOMB executive director.

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