Church Multiplication

Church planting and multiplication continues to be a crucial area of mission and ministry for USMB. We know from many studies that new churches are the most effective way to bring more people into the family of God.

In 1996, Mission USA was established as the USMB church planting and church renewal arm. Under the direction of Ed Boschman as the first director (1996-2001) and then Don Morris (2004-2016), many churches were planted under the Mission USA umbrella in that 20 year stretch. Mission USA was retired in 2016 in favor of a new means of church planting in connection with Multiply. That relationship lasted just three years and in October 2019, Multiply ceased church planting operations in the U.S., and a church planting leadership void suddenly emerged. A new vision was needed.

Today, USMB’s Church Planting Council (CPC) is connecting with local churches and district conferences to provide a national vision, cohesion and collaboration for planting new MB churches. In addition, The Network, a group of MB pastors providing various project management pieces and church planter support, is a vital component of this collective, fresh church planting thrust.

The concentrated teamwork of our local churches, five districts, the CPC and The Network, all working together to plant more churches, is not just a good thing to do, we must do it.

To move forward with planting more churches, we are actively praying
and searching for committed and gifted church planters.

We are also unabashedly asking people to give much-needed funds to invest in this eternity-changing vision. Furthermore, we’re seeking many prayer warriors who will commit to pray for direction, wisdom and protection. And we ask for prayers for increased connections with people who don't know Jesus…yet.

Mennonite Brethren have always been a missionary people. Our efforts to plant churches and renew struggling existing congregations is simply our approach to living out the Great Commission to spread the Good News in our own communities and around the world. Let's partner together on this mission: local, national and global!


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