One role of the USMB Board of Faith and Life centers on Mennonite Brethren identity and clarity on how we live on mission. We ask: How do we read the Scriptures? What is God calling us to do? How do we make a difference in the world?

It is our joy to help answer these questions by writing, in your behalf, a pamphlet series. (See series titles to the right.)

The series addresses issues of significance for the church living in the 21st-century world. We believe that you will appreciate the complete redesign of these helpful leaflets. The board has completed the revision of ten topics:  Who are the Mennonite Brethren, What We Believe, Dealing with Money, Human Sexuality, Sex Before Marriage, Baptism and Church Membership, Faith and Social Media, Christians and Media, People of Peace and Race Relations.

These pamphlets are available at no charge upon request at or 1-800-257-0515.


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