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National summer camp offers new perspective

08 August 2022 By Michael Klaassen in C-Link, National

FPU celebrates reaccreditation

03 August 2022 By Fresno Pacific University in C-Link, District

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Mennonite Disaster Service

For generations of Mennonites and other Anabaptist groups, mutual aid has been an informal practice of expressing their faith in the day-to-day actions of caring for one another. Through spontaneous gestures of assistance, such as the well-known barn raising of the 1950's, the Anabaptists put their faith into action when fellow church members or neighbors faced calamity.  Today, MDS relies on some 4,000 volunteers from Mennonite, Amish and Brethren in Christ churches to annually carry out its ministry to respond, rebuild and restore communities and families hit by disasters in the U.S. and Canada.

Mennonite Disaster Service (MDS) is a volunteer network of Anabaptist churches dedicated to responding to natural and man-made disasters in Canada and the United States. Their aim is to assist the most vulnerable community members, individuals, and families who would not otherwise have the means to recover. MDS volunteers – men and women, youth and adults – provide the skills and labor needed to respond, rebuild and restore in the wake of a disaster. MDS is known for having a collaborative spirit, and work with other groups including faith-based organizations, local recovery committees, and both governmental and non-governmental agencies.

For more information, visit their website at mds.mennonite.net.


LEAD Coaching Program

LEAD Coaching is an intentional, ongoing life-on-life relationship that empowers the person being coached to realize their full potential, purpose, confidence, courage, joy and vocational accomplishment.

Trained coaches are skilled at listening, asking powerful questions, defining goals, helping you develop relevant action plans and providing the accountability and support for you to succeed.

Watch this short video, or click here for more information or to download the brochure.


LEAD One Events

LEAD One events are one-day, high impact leadership training events for your entire leadership team. These regional events provide an opportunity to learn more about a specific theme or topic in a relaxed and casual setting and help build networks where pastors can be encouraged, share ideas and build lasting relationships.

To see the list of upcoming LEAD One events, click here or contact Janae Rempel.


LEAD Cohorts

LEAD Cohorts  are FREE online meeting places for small groups of MB pastors and leaders – or anyone interested in learning more about a specific topic or gathering with like-minded people. Cohorts meet online every two weeks for about an hour and typically last three months.

The next session of LEAD Cohorts will begin this Fall. Watch your email inbox for information in early September. Here is a listing of the cohorts that were offered this Spring. You can expect to see some of these and possibly some new topics later this year. Online registration will be available. If you have additional questions please email Janae Rempel.



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