Coaching is an intentional, ongoing life-on-life relationship that empowers the person being coached to realize their full potential, purpose, confidence, courage, joy and vocational accomplishment.

There’s nothing more powerful than someone who accepts you unconditionally, believes in your potential, actively listens to you, keeps you accountable and works diligently for your success.

The coaching process involves exploring where you are and creating a map to where you want to be. Your own insight is an important aspect of the process. Coaches are skilled at intuitively listening, asking powerful questions, defining goals, helping you develop relevant action plans, and providing the accountability and support for you to succeed.

So, in terms of your ministry or your personal life, what’s important to you? What are your dreams? What would it feel like to live at your full potential? Where do you want to be a year from now? What would it look like if you were fully alive? When would you like to begin?

  • A coach is not a consultant, a subject matter expert who advises and solves problems.
  • A coach is not a teacher, who instructs using a set curriculum.
  • A coach is not a mentor, someone who is necessarily older, wiser and further along the journey.
  • A coach is not a counselor, who helps a coachee “look back” in hopes of bringing healing in areas that are keeping one from moving forward. Coaching always has a forward trajectory.
  • A coach serves instead as a highly competent friend and ally, someone who lives a life worthy of emulation, demonstrates success in all of life, and shows a high level of discernment. A good coach always demonstrates the appropriate character, asks the appropriate questions, and provides the appropriate encouragement and accountability for the coachee to succeed.

Our Core Four coaching outline includes working through a Life Plan, a Ministry Vision, a Ministry Plan and Priority Management. Normally the time needed is 12 months.

LEAD Coaching is facilitated through trained MB coaches who serve a pastor or church leader as a life-on-life coach for an agreed upon term. LEAD Coaches are trained to provide spiritual direction and utilize Building Champion’s Core Four system for coaching, consisting of a Life Plan, Ministry Vision, Ministry Plan and Priority Management.

Coaching is available to both local church staff and lay leaders, and to women and men alike. Both women and men are available as coaches.

Former USMB Executive Director Ed Boschman serves as Head Coach for the USMB LEAD Coaching initiative and gives leadership to our national team of trained LEAD Coaches and helps facilitate connections with those coaches.

For more information contact Ed Boschman at 661-549-6021 or email at, or listen to a great podcast with Ed Boschman and Chandelle Claassen.

Download a printable brochure with even more information.


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