USMB Youth is the National Youth Commission of the U.S. Mennonite Brethren Conference (USMB). The primary function of USMB Youth is to support youth workers and their ministries as they disciple students in the context of the local church. The commission is formed of people who have a passion for youth in a wide range of locations and positions.  We focus on three main areas: the youth worker (The Network), the youth (events and leadership opportunities) and impact opportunities (Project: Serve). Visit for more information.


Ascent is an annual national camp experience for High School Youth. It's held in June every year at Camp Glorietta, NM (the same place as YouthCon 2019) and all USMB churches are invited! Click the logo for more information)

The idea of ascent is a very simple one. In terms of camping adventures, the idea suggests a climb or walk of some sort to the summit of a mountain or hill. Have you ever hiked up a mountain? Usually, it’s a struggle. There are many obstacles that come into play that make the journey difficult. Yet, at the top of the ascent, there is always some kind of payout. At the peak you will find a view or a treasure that made the whole journey worthwhile. We see camp through a similar lens. Many variables come into play to make the journey to camp a tough one. Our desire is that a couple of things make the ascent valuable. First, gathering together as a family of believers is and always will be a special aspect of the camp experience. Second, and most importantly, we hope the ascent to camp leads to a very special place of intimacy with Jesus. We hope teenagers from all over the nation experience a deep place of peace and rest found in Christ that makes their journey meaningful. We believe the pinnacle of the camp experience is worshiping our Creator together in community, while personally stepping into deeper places of God’s unique callings, plans, and purposes for our lives. We believe gathering together and leaning into the presence of God to enjoy a special place of rest make the various struggles to camp especially beneficial.

The Network

This is a group of likeminded, passionate youth workers across the U.S., either full time, part time, or even volunteer!  Our values are to connect, develop and resource youth workers.  Connecting by building a community of passionate youth workers who share each other’s burdens and feel inspired to keep going.  Developing by providing relevant training and coaching for personal and leadership growth.  And finally resourcing by offering helpful resources, tools and curriculum on a wide variety of topics.  Click here to learn how to join for free!

Project: Serve

The mission of Project Serve is to encourage students to create local service project/campaigns that help students invest in their communities, churches and cities. These projects are designed to encourage and assist students or youth ministries to make a positive impact in their local communities for Jesus Christ. A group or individual may go online to submit an idea they have for a project and apply for funds. Project Serve can then, if approved, help provide funds or other resources to assist with the project. Our desire is to remove as many hurdles as we can in order for entrepreneurs to make an impact for Jesus Christ! Click here to learn more.

Read about past NYC events.

Other Opportunities and Partners

Youth interested in exploring God’s call in their lives and are encouraged to keep expanding their faith and leadership skills with these partners:

Faith Front

Faith Front is Tabor College’s youth leadership program. It’s about partnering with the local church to cultivate a culture of calling and provide a way for you to call and discern leaders for the next generation

Faith Front is designed to encourage Mennonite Brethren and other Christian youth (ages 14-19) to develop the competencies crucial for ministry leadership with special emphasis on pastoral ministry and other church vocations. 

  • Explore:  Created as workshop or retreat formats, these seminars are designed to help local churches cultivate a culture of calling.
  • Elevate: These weekend retreats, held each semester on Tabor’s campus are designed to help students understand what it means to think theologically as Christian leaders in our current global context. Thirty spots are available at each retreat.
  • Encounter: This summer retreat is a mobile lab to help participants engage their culture by interacting with a variety of global issues that call for Christian action. Our hope is to capture the imagination of the best and brightest student leaders who demonstrate a commitment to ministry, a capacity for leadership and a curiosity for innovative theological thinking. Thirty spots are available for this retreat.


Young adults looking for opportunities to be involved, serve and experience what God is doing all over the globe are invited to participate in a number of short-term cross-cultural ministry options provided by Multiply. Learn more by visiting the websites for SOAR, a 10-day experience in a North American city for people of all ages; ACTION, a one-month adventure in an international setting open to individuals and couples over the age of 17; and TREK, a months-long discipleship-in-mission opportunity that includes an international assignment for young adults over the age of 20 and families.


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