The  National Pastors' Orientation (NPO) 

The next National Pastors’ Orientation (NPO) will be held in the Spring of 2025 in San Diego, California.

Shelter Island Boardwalk, just steps from the hotel

​These orientations are sponsored by the USMB Board of Faith and Life. This event is for lead pastors or staff pastors new to the pastorate or new to the USMB family, or if you are a pastoral staff member who has never attended. Spouses are also strongly encouraged to attend.

This event provides an excellent opportunity to get connected with leaders and other pastors in our national and district families. Those who attend will learn about the MB family structure, how we read the Bible and a short lesson on our Anabaptist and MB history. Many USMB resources including life insurance, retirement opportunities and more will be presented during the orientation. This is a fun and informative event and an opportunity to get away and be renewed and refreshed.

For more information contact your District Minister or the USMB office.

Here are a few things people had to say about attending the latest orientation:

"I would think that most pastors would value something like this. I would come again with great anticipation."

"I think some sort of regular ‘MB overview’ like this could be a really valuable resource for all pastors, not just for new pastors.”

"I think it was a wise choice to give us the open evening, as it allowed pastors to develop a bit more organic relationships with one another.”

Don Morris, USMB national director says, "It’s always special when you have a room full of pastors who are free to just enjoy worshipping without having responsibility for the service, they let it out. It’s wonderful, heartfelt connection with Jesus.”

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