Complainer or Problem Solver?

People often bring a complaint to the pastor, or point out something that they think needs to be changed or improved in the church. Next time that happens, try these ideas:

  1. Listen carefully to all the person has to say. Sometimes being heard and understood is all someone needs.
  2. Affirm the individual and tell them you appreciate their concern.
  3. Ask the individual to restate the exact issue as succinctly as possible.
  4. Invite them to use their passion to help create a resolution to their issue.
  5. Ask them to come back in one week with three possible solutions to the problem they outlined.
  6. If the solutions are reasonable, provide a team of people who can help the person take the lead in implementing the change.
  7. If the solutions are not reasonable or feasible, ask the person to pray fervently for God to bring them peace to trust that He is working through every situation.

May God give us people in our churches who take ownership of the weaknesses and challenges that exist and help to bring health and healing to those challenges.

*About the author: Jon Wiebe is president and CEO of MB Foundation. Jon is married to Ellynne and they have two sons and two wonderful daughters-in-law. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his family and cattle ranching.

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