Make Your Church a Place of Refuge


The E-idea this week is excerpted from an article by Adam Stadtmiller published in CT Pastors, a Christianity Today online magazine. In today’s busy world, these four suggestions can help a pastor set a pace that the congregation can sustain.

Is God calling you to create a calm, safe harbor of connection rather than a culturally relevant center of activity? Try these steps to create a place to be rather than a space to do.

    1. Model and preach rest as a value. Start by observing a weekly Sabbath. Take a more deliberate approach to Sunday services, allowing yourself to be present with people rather than a frenzied pastor on the run.
    2. Clarify your church’s vision. Redefine your core values to include authenticity, fun and cultivating an emotionally and spiritually vibrant community.
    3. Empower and equip your people. Doing fewer organized events can free your church to focus on equipping people to do more in their own community spaces. Offer a list of challenges to impact their community. Give space in your Sunday service to tell their stories.
    4. Make church community simple. Make the most crucial church services as simple as possible for the congregation. Include a weekly prayer gathering and/or worship through music night to create a rhythm of varied worship within a context of community. With finances that previously went to run programs, consider offering community building, multi-generational gatherings.


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