Your Best Year Ever

YOUR BEST YEAR EVER  by Michael Hyatt

Not every New York Times best selling author has an inspirational message for Kingdom ministry types, but this one does. Not every writer who makes a promise on the cover delivers, but this one does.

Michael Hyatt writes out of both a wealth of book learning and life experience, deftly drawing on his own journey to illustrate the book in a personal and powerful way. Because of that, what might otherwise come off as yet another formula for effective living becomes a convincing message. Having a thread of authentic God factor woven throughout makes it even more commendable.

Hyatt makes a strong case for maximizing both personal fulfillment and effectiveness in our work. After emphasizing the importance of what we believe, he calls for a clean break from what is behind and a confident commitment to the future by designing a vision, finding the “why” and then making it happen one step at a time.

There are several practical helps in the book, including the opportunity to go online to complete an inventory that results in ratings for what he names the “Ten Inter-related Domains” of our lives.

This book connects well with the (Building Champions) USMB LEAD Life Coaching model.  It is fully in sync with the Core Four sections of our coaching experience, beginning with building a life plan, conceiving a vision for a preferred future, developing a plan for execution, and then following through to make it happen.

It’s a worthy read…and may well help you experience your best year ever.

Book review by Ed Boschman. Ed serves as Head Coach for the USMB LEAD Coaching initiative and gives leadership to our national team of trained LEAD Coaches and helps facilitate connections with those coaches.