Integrated Immigrant Ministries is now CORD. For more about the change, read this Christian Leader article.

Ecclesiastes 4:12 (ESV) "…a threefold cord is not quickly broken."

CORD is the umbrella term for USMB’s partnership with immigrant churches, including the CORD Program and the continued work of the CORD Committee, previously known as the Integrated Immigrant Council.

The CORD acronym describes USMB’s partnership with immigrant churches:

  • Connecting immigrant churches to resources and other congregations within our MB family.
  • Organizing and assisting with establishing a stable place of worship.
  • Retooling through biblical training and educational resources centered around our USMB Confession of Faith.
  • Developing pastors and key leaders capable of shepherding a healthy church.

USMB is committed to partnering with immigrant congregations. In a world where more than 270 million people are on the move, migration provides an opportunity for our USMB family to consider the mission of the Church. Increasingly, the mission is on U.S. soil.

The CORD Committee offers leadership and support for immigrant churches, including through a CORD initiative offering funding for three years for up to three vetted congregations.

At a cost of $55,500 per church, this initiative is funded primarily by congregations and individual partners.

Read more about this CORD initiative here. A seed invested in godly soil will produce a harvest for God's Kingdom!


Donations to CORD will be multi-faceted and will provide funding for up to three vetted immigrant congregations, reimbursement for Henri Ngolo’s travel expenses in his work with immigrant churches, and other needs as they arise.

The first congregation to receive CORD funding is Christian Center the Hand of God in Hamilton, Ohio, led by pastor Hermann Mputu. Mputu’s congregation is bursting at the seams with a sanctuary built for 60 people and an average weekly attendance of 90. By giving to CORD, you can help fund not only the expansion of this congregation's building, but also ease Mputu’s workload and fund his continued training. Learn more about CCHG here.

A seed invested in godly soil will produce a harvest for God’s Kingdom!

Would you consider financial partnership through CORD? Click here to donate and select the CORD designation. For more information, contact Terry Hunt at

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