Church Multliplication and Evangelism

God is moving among Mennonite Brethren in places like Grantsville, Utah, and Pueblo, Colorado, as Phil Wiebe and Mario Trujillo share in these videos, and we are excited to move our vision for USMB church planting forward into 2022 and beyond.

Phil and Melissa Wiebe launched Lakeview Church in Stansbury Park, Utah, on Easter Sunday 2019. Since then, the USMB church plant has added a second Sunday morning service, and launched a second campus in 2020. The church continues to grow beyond expectation. Phil says, “There is a drive and desire that God has laid on my heart to see the lost come to meet Jesus.”

Mario and Stephanie Trujillo are excited about how City Church continues to reach people in the inner parts of Pueblo, Colorado, a diverse southeast foothill city. Mario says, "Jesus meets us where we're at, but He doesn't leave us there."

Leadership Development

Kyle Goings, the chairman of USMB Youth, is excited about developing a national leadership pipeline to impact the next generation of leaders through leadership development and providing ministry opportunities. Kyle says, "When you impact the next generation of leaders, you're impacting churches for decades."


Sara Wichert from Hillsboro, Kansas, shares the value LEAD Cohorts have added to her life. Sara says, "As God is shaping things in you, it’s cemented when you get to share that with a small trusted circle of people." She invites anybody and everybody to sign-up.


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