Leadership Pipeline

The Leadership Pipeline identifies, invests, and empowers leaders for vocational ministry by providing ministry internships in partnership with USMB churches and organizations throughout North America. A donation to leadership development will help train young MB leaders.

Donations given on Giving Tuesday last year helped fund Leadership Pipeline internships at Greenhouse Community Church. Drew Pankratz, associate pastor, shares how the internships helped the church share the love of Jesus in their community.

LEAD Initiatives

Leadership Education And Development (LEAD) initiatives offer several opportunities for providing a firm foundation for MB pastors and leaders in leadership, discipleship and networking. LEAD initiatives are key for developing ministry, connecting with others and growing closer to God. Delivered through a comprehensive mix of active learning methods, these resources enhance overall church and pastoral health.

USMB LEAD Pods is a podcast designed to come alongside leaders with practical advice and encouragement. Since the podcast's launch in 2020, we’ve recorded more than 80 episodes and had nearly 13,000 downloads. Your support helps make the podcast possible. We invite you to make a donation on Giving Tuesday, Nov. 28, 2023.


USMB is committed to partnering with immigrant congregations. In a world where more than 270 million people are on the move, migration provides an opportunity for our USMB family to consider the mission of the Church. Increasingly, the mission is on U.S. soil. The CORD acronym describes USMB’s partnership with immigrant churches:

  • Connecting immigrant churches to resources and other congregations within our MB family.
  • Organizing and assisting with establishing a stable place of worship.
  • Retooling through biblical training and educational resources centered around our USMB Confession of Faith.
  • Developing pastors and key leaders capable of shepherding a healthy church.

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