Leadership Pipeline

The Leadership Pipeline has launched! The Leadership Pipeline identifies, invests, and empowers leaders for vocational ministry by providing ministry internships in partnership with USMB churches and organizations throughout North America. A donation to leadership development will help train young MB leaders.

Help develop and prepare Mennonite Brethren leaders to effectively lead ministries and be influencers for Jesus wherever they go.

LEAD Initiatives

Leadership Education And Development (LEAD) initiatives offer several opportunities for providing a firm foundation for MB pastors and leaders in leadership, discipleship and networking. LEAD initiatives are key for developing ministry, connecting with others and growing closer to God. Delivered through a comprehensive mix of active learning methods, these resources enhance overall church and pastoral health.

Help provide resources for pastors and leaders through LEAD Cohorts, LEAD Pods, LEAD One events and LEAD Coaching, among other resources available through USMB LEAD Initiatives.


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