Integrated Immigrant Ministries

In a world where more than 270 million people are on the move, migration provides an opportunity for our USMB family to consider the mission of the Church. Every USMB church has neighbors from different cultural backgrounds. Increasingly, the mission is on U.S. soil.

USMB’s Integrated Immigrant Ministry is overseeing ministry and partnerships with immigrant congregations, including through the CORD program.

A seed invested in godly soil will produce a harvest for God's Kingdom!


About Henri:

Henri Ngolo serves as USMB Integrated Immigrant Coordinator for churches in the United States.

Henri will connect with U.S. Mennonite Brethren immigrant pastors and leaders and those interested in pursuing USMB affiliation and collaborate with district ministers for integration opportunities.

Henri and his wife, Bienvenue, have three children and attend Christian Center the Hand of God in Hamilton, Ohio.


Contact Henri:

Henri Ngolo
USMB Integrated Immigrant Coordinator


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Ethiopian churches:

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