Yes, God Does Speak


By John Langer

Have you ever been on a plane that had an engine blow out and realize quickly that this might be it, that you might die? Have you ever had a gun aimed at your head or been asked by God to give all your money away? Have you ever heard the voice of God tell you to go places where you would be asked to do things that seemed crazy at the time?

God put John Langer in those very situations and in Yes, God Does Speak, John tells why he did these “crazy” things. Crazy or not, John’s stories will cause you to want a much deeper relationship with the God you love. But if you don’t currently know and love God, you’ll soon learn that He is waiting to know you and to speak to you.

God is alive and well and the words of this book will shake your view of God. It will open new possibilities to a better relationship with Him than you ever thought possible. You will realize you can hear God speak.

For those who have wondered if God still speaks today, the answer is yes He does. This book will help you enter into God’s presence at a place where He’s been waiting to speak to you.

Don Morris, USMB National Director, says, “John Langer is one of us. He and his wife, Jill, have been members of Grace Bible Church in Gettysburg, SD for over 25 years. I have found John’s books to be inspiring, humorous and revealing in the ways God speaks to us today. I recommend this book for easy reading, devotional settings or for study by a Sunday School class.”

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