A Christmas Gift from Jesus

What a special time of year it is as we celebrate the coming of our Savior to earth. If that hadn’t happened, we would be lost and without hope. But it did happen, and it’s time to celebrate!

I remember one Christmas when I was pastor of Pine Acres Church in Weatherford, Oklahoma. We told our congregation during an Advent Sunday service that they would receive a gift from Jesus. When the time came during the service, we had everyone close their eyes as a basket was passed and each person was to take an item from the basket. As the basket was passed and people took their item, there were quiet tears from some, a few gasps and even a few angry faces from others. In the basket, the gift from Jesus on Christmas was a large nail. It was a reminder that Jesus came to us as a baby, but He came in order to give us eternal life and that was accomplished on the Cross. As we celebrate the coming of Jesus, let’s also remember the message of hope and salvation that His coming means for those who will accept Him! I remember that some kept that nail on their work desk or at home, as a reminder of the gift from Jesus.

I encourage each of us to spend some extra time this season with the One who came, developing an even deeper relationship with Him. Spend time praising Him for His willingness to relinquish His presence in heaven to come to us. And knowing that as we believe and trust Him as Savior, one day we will be with Him—forever. Now that is worth celebrating.

Merry Christmas!


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