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Every five years or so, we conduct a Christian Leader Readership Survey. It’s the primary way for USMB leadership and Christian Leader editors to receive feedback from you, our readers. Your voice matters.

Questions in the 2021 Readership Survey cover the content and role of the Christian Leader, as well as preferences for accessing Christian Leader content in print, online or both.

For the first time, we will combine the results of the readership survey with the work of a Christian Leader Review Team—selected people from throughout our USMB churches—for a deeper analysis of the Christian Leader. Previously received comments about some people’s lack of engagement with the Christian Leader and recent pushback about specific content has led me to believe this is a crucially important and timely exercise.

The Review Team will assess the viability of the Christian Leader as a whole, evaluate current staff, review current content, consider a print versus online publication, evaluate the purpose of the magazine, consider the production preview process, review the Christian Leader website and C-Link and consider the future of the magazine.

The Review Team will then provide specific recommendations to the USMB Leadership Board for how the Christian Leader can continue to be an award-winning magazine, while meeting the expected communication needs of our MB family.

Would you take a few minutes to complete the survey? I would appreciate hearing from you. If you complete the survey, you will have an opportunity to enter a drawing for one of three $100 Amazon gift cards. The deadline for survey responses is June 2, 2021.

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History of The CL Readership Survey

Since 1974, the Christian Leader readership survey has given Christian Leader readers an opportunity to provide feedback to USMB leadership. Read more about the readership survey process in this Christian Leader article, including a history of past readership surveys and subsequent changes to the magazine that have happened as a result.

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