Don Morris: Update (Apr. 2018)


Good Things are Happening at Lighthouse Church in Lakewood, Colorado

Written by Josh Shaw

The wilderness is where God most often refines you—and teaches you patience. The land of blessing is where God most often reminds you of why he needed to refine you—to keep your focus on Him and not on the blessing.

This proverbial truth is a snapshot of the life of Lighthouse. Our first two years as a church plant were a season of the wilderness. We walked into a graveyard of churches and church plants called Denver, Colorado, hoping the soil would be ready for us. Then we realized God knew we weren’t ready for the harvest—we weren’t ready for the ready soil. And so, for two years we were pruned. We were prepared. We were refined for a season of blessing. Some Sundays failure seemed inevitable. Waking up some Monday mornings, loss was almost a guarantee.

But as I look back, it was all necessary.

In the last 10 months, Lighthouse has experienced exponential blessing and growth. We’ve grown from 100 attendees to close to 400. We’ve baptized 30 adults. We’ve started 10 home groups. We raised $21,000 for missions.

All a blessing. All because of the hand of God and His great mercy. But do you know what is so crazy? It took the wilderness of humility to realize just how sweet and unprepared we were for this gift of blessing from God.

I want to thank the Mennonite Brethren family, the Southern District Conference, Mountain View Church, our mother church in Fresno, California, and Mission USA, the USMB church planting ministry from 1996 to 2016, for sticking with us in the seasons of wilderness and being our great champions in the seasons of blessing.

Josh and Brianne Shaw are the pastoral leaders of Lighthouse Church in Lakewood, CO. Josh is a home grown Coloradan and is a graduate of Tabor College. Josh and Brianne have two boys, Asher and Ezekiel. They have a great passion to invest in people who are hungry for God and His Kingdom.

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