Don Morris: Update (Aug, 2018)

In early 2016, City Church began as a church plant in Pueblo, Colorado, under the leadership of Scott Thomas of C2C network. It wasn’t long before Mario Trujillo assumed the role of church planter, and the church has continued to flourish under his care.

City Church celebrated Kingdom multiplication July 1 by baptizing six disciples into the family of God–with five of them being new born-again believers in Christ!

Watch the full baptism video

These individuals each have a unique redemption story, says Pastor Trujillo. Some have struggled with unbelief, abuse and abandonment issues. Others have issues with a previous church or have suffered tremendous loss.

“It has been a long journey with them to the cross,” says Pastor Trujillo. “We have shared tears of struggle and of joy, yet the Spirit of God has transformed and grown them in so many ways.  It’s exciting to see God’s regenerated work being done right before us, and it’s a joy for us to be able to disciple, equip and journey with each one of them and to see them mature and grow in Christ.”

Trujillo continues, “The beautiful thing is we are all different in age, culture and ethnicity, and it is great to see what the Holy Spirit is doing locally in Pueblo here at City Church.”

Southern District Minister Tim Sullivan says, “It’s obvious in their words and actions that City Church loves its community and is passionate about bringing the gospel of Jesus to the very heart of their city. The recent baptisms are evidence that Jesus makes a difference, and his church is how he does it.”

Please continue to pray for the harvest in Pueblo, Colorado, and the new believers to be empowered by His grace as they continue to put their faith, hope and trust in Jesus.

“City Church is just one of the many churches in the Southern District and across the U.S. that are making a difference through the gospel of love and grace,” says Sullivan.

City Church was established through a partnership with the Southern District Conference, USMB and C2C network.

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