Don Morris: Update (Feb. 2018)


Read the latest update from the USMB national director, Don Morris

Axiom Church has a new home

After several months of obtaining permits, tearing out old sheetrock and other significant renovation, Axiom Church in Peoria, Arizona, will soon be moving into their new home. This new facility will allow this young MB church to continue to grow and flourish.

On Sunday, Jan. 28, Axiom Church held a day of dedication. Pastor Gavin Linderman said, “This Sunday at Axiom Church we took one big step of faith as we entered the doors of our new church venue for the first time.”

“While this was not our ‘grand opening,’ it was a special day of prayer and dedication for our church family. We re-aligned our hearts and prayers around the unlikely (those you wouldn’t likely find in the church), the surrounding community, the artist and the family.” Linderman said.

They hope to take up permanent residence in this facility soon. Linderman finished by saying, “It was a great day of celebration of God’s good work at Axiom Church and His city.

USMB partners with MB Mission and C2C for six upcoming LEAD One events

I am excited to let you know about the upcoming LEAD One events that will be presented in six locations this Spring. USMB is partnering with MB Mission, C2C and the districts to share our common passion of igniting the local church for One Mission—local, national and global.

The presenters will be Randy Friesen and Phil Wagler from MB Mission, Scott Thomas and Gord Fleming from C2C and Don Morris, USMB national director.

Scott Thomas said, “We view these events as a means to encourage the entire USMB family of churches to joyfully respond to the Spirit’s calling to resolutely send, plant and reproduce local, national and global mission until the return of Jesus.”

The presenters hope to create a mission culture in the local MB church, which would offer an intrinsic solution not a programmatic one. We see this as a time of encouragement and collectively catching a vision for enhancing evangelism and disciple-making in our local churches.

We are collaborating like never before to provide resources and vision for our MB family—for greater Kingdom impact!

Vision for Mission to join LEAD One events

In conjunction with the LEAD One events, MB Mission will present “Vision for Mission” in all six LEAD One locations. This is a great opportunity for your congregation to hear Randy Friesen share stories of mission work in the Restricted Access countries of Asia, North Africa and Europe. At each location, various guest speakers will share stories. Information will be sent to your local church soon.

For dates and times of the LEAD One and “Vision for Mission” events, click here.

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