Extending your website’s reach

Communication is vital. Technology is a powerful tool. Quick access to resources, training and teachings are the wave of now. Churches can utilize technology to help seekers, attendees and members grow in their understanding of Jesus.

One way we do this at North Oak Community Church on our website is through subdomains. You may have used subdomains and not even been aware of it. Examples of some you may have used are:

  • dell.com
  • att.net
  • ebay.com

As you can see, companies use subdomains to quickly direct visitors to a unique area of their website that has a particular focus. The same can happen for the church. We use subdomains at North Oak to help people quickly and easily get to an event or to resources we are promoting.

Here are some examples from our church:

  • encounterworship.northoak.net is a YouTube playlist of worship songs we used at a recent men’s event.
  • go.northoak.net is a landing page for an event we are promoting to other churches.
  • bapisms.northoak.net is a YouTube playlist of recent baptisms at North Oak.
  • safety.northoak.net is a YouTube playlist of training videos we have our volunteers go through.

Using subdomains does take a little bit of expertise, but they are typically free. Contact your website developer to find out if there are any associated costs. For those who learn how to use them, subdomains can be a quick and easy way to give an easy to remember website address for your next big event or training.

About the author: Dave Buller is the associate pastor at North Oak Community Church in Hays, Kansas.

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