Connection across continents increases impact!

Grace International Church reaches woman in Germany

When Grace International Church in Indianapolis, Ind., began streaming its services online as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the church welcomed a guest viewer from Germany.

The guest, a woman named Helen, initially connected with a church deacon in a social media chat group after discovering they attended the same elementary school in Ethiopia.

As Helen shared her story and the hardships she’s faced, the deacon encouraged Helen to reach out to Grace International Pastor Samuel Hailemariam for counseling and prayer.

Through Hailemariam’s witness, Helen embraced the Gospel and began worshiping with the church online. Grace International continues to minister to Helen, while looking for an Ethiopian congregation for Helen to join.

Hailemariam says Grace International was not streaming its service online before the pandemic but had positioned itself to have that capability. As the stay-home order went into effect, Grace International added a link on its website leading visitors to join its service in real time via Zoom.

“That made it easy for our church members and visitors to join in and have a real connection,” Hailemariam says.

Photo caption:
Utilizing technology, Samuel Hailemariam, pastor of Grace International Church in Indianapolis, Ind., witnessed to a woman in Germany and led her to Jesus. Hailemariam says the church began streaming its services online as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, allowing the woman, named Helen, to join the church in worship.

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  1. Pastor Samuel, keep up the good work, May the Lord continue to use you to reach many for Jesus!

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