July 19, 2023

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This e-newsletter is designed to inform and energize all of us for the work of the harvest. Jesus told us to pray for the harvest fields and for all those working in the fields. I hope you will join me in this exciting adventure.

Brian Harris
Church Planting Mobilizer

Let’s Discover 100 New Harvest Workers! 








Why do we need to discover 100 new harvest workers?

  • Biblically, because we are called to reproduce ourselves in others (see 2 Timothy 2:2).
  • Missionally, because Luke 10:2 tells us to pray for more harvest workers.
  • Culturally, because we are seeing a severe shortage in new workers.

A study by the Barna Group revealed that three years from now, half of all pastors will be 65 or older. One of the reasons: a lack of intentional planning and leadership development.

If we want to turn the tide, we must create an intentional plan to discover, develop and deploy a new generation. It starts with prayer. Imagine if every current leader prayed for God to reveal new harvest workers and we engaged with one or two of them by taking them on an intentional discovery path.

How can we discover 100 new harvest workers?








Over the past year I prayed Luke 10:2. Here is where my prayer journey has led me. I got connected to Reuben and Zach. They are in their 30s-40’s with young families and they seemed like the kind of guys I was praying for. As I got to know them, I sensed that God was at work. I asked them if they would be interested in discussing a book titled, Is God Calling Me?

I found that they were actually eager to start this journey. We have begun to actively search God’s heart for them. The book we are using has been an excellent launching pad. It has provided us with a platform for discovery. I love the fact that these two men are seriously asking God to clarify, not if they are called, but what kind of call God has on them. Who is God placing in your path? Begin by praying for God to show you potential harvest workers and then ask them to go on a discovery journey with you.

What can we expect?

We know praying for more workers is certainly biblical. And we also know that developing another generation is biblically commanded (2 Tim. 2:2). So, I believe the result of prayerful engagement will mean a greater yield of leaders.

Whether that is within our own local churches with better teachers, elders and lay leaders, or as “sent ones” as missionaries, pastors and planters throughout the world, we can expect an Acts 6:7 result. And the word of God continued to increase, and the number of the disciples multiplied.” Imagine what it could look like with 100 harvest workers being developed within our churches!

Books on Discovering the Call

Calling Out the Called is a great book for a person who already senses God moving them into a pastoral role. Chapters in this book cover how you need to be preparing for ministry. Abiding in Christ; Serving Others; Balancing Family and Ministry. I would say this is a good book for those already clear on a call. Another great feature of this material is the online resources.

I am partial to Jeff Iorg’s Is God Calling Me? because it’s so straightforward. If you’d like a copy, click here to email me your physical address. I will send you two copies for free to use with a potential harvest worker.
Chapter titles include:
1. A Conversation about the Question
2. Defining the Concept of Call
3. Three Types of Call Experiences
4. Three Ways God Calls
5. Who God Calls
6. Discerning God’s Call
7. The Effects of God’s Call
8. The Call to Missions
9. The Call to Pastoral Ministry
10. Continuing the Conversation

Discerning Your Call To Ministry is another excellent book to use as you help harvest workers discover their call. Jason Allen answers some great questions including:

1. What Does It Mean to Be Called to Ministry?
2. Do You Desire the Ministry?
3. Does Your Character Meet God’s Expectations?
4. Is Your Household in Order?
5. Has God Gifted You to Preach and Teach His Word?
6. Does Your Church Affirm Your Calling?
7. Do You Love the People of God?
8. Are You Passionate about the Gospel and the Great Commission?
9. Are You Engaged in Fruitful Ministry?
10. Are You Ready to Defend the Faith?
11. Are You Willing to Surrender?

CONCLUSION: So Are You Called?

A Christmas Evangelism Idea…Prepare Now!

HERE’S AN IDEA: Purchase several copies of this book, and at Christmas, add them to a gift bag that you are giving to friends and family. If you want someone to know how to become a Christian, this is a proven book. I have given more copies than I can remember, and it always has been well received. Click on the book cover to get this for less than $2 a copy in 3 packs.


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