Lakeview Church to launch Easter Sunday

Phil Wiebe (right) and friends check out the building progress

Lakeview Church, a new USMB church plant in Stansbury Park, Utah, began meeting weekly at a local clubhouse on Sunday, March 3.

“It was a great weekend,” says church planter Phil Wiebe. “Not only did we have 93 in attendance, but we had an LDS guest who came and connected with some of our people, shared parts of his life with us and then had to take off to his LDS church afterward.”

“The significance of the connection to our Lakeview people is that on the way out he gave a man in our core group a hug and said, ‘Thank you,’” Wiebe says. “After that, our band leader connected with him, and he is coming back again this weekend. I’m excited that Lakeview is becoming a place where our LDS neighbors can come and meet Jesus!”

The Pacific District Conference has been instrumental in making this facility, and the church plant itself, a reality, as has Mennonite Brethren Foundation, which provided the loan for the build out. Don Morris, USMB national director, serves on the Lakeview task force team and has been processing with Phil and Melissa Wiebe about church planting for several years.

Lakeview Church is in the process of converting a local storefront into a church facility, and it should be ready for public launch on Easter Sunday. The church sign has gone up on the building, Lakeview Church’s Facebook page is generating more hits and more interest and people are excited for launch Sunday. God is up to something good in Tooele County, Utah!

Thank you so much for your prayers and support.

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