LEAD Pods—a podcast by and for U.S. Mennonite Brethren—are the newest addition to USMB’s Leadership Education And Development (LEAD) initiatives designed to resource USMB churches.

LEAD Pods provide an opportunity to learn from the USMB family. These podcasts are designed to be accessible to a broad audience within the USMB family, but are also intended for a larger audience than just our MB pastors. Episodes cover a variety of topics, including enhancing one’s prayer life, spiritual development, spreading the gospel, relational evangelism, how to help a church become a “house of prayer” and learning to live life with the gospel as the constant backdrop.

“We know people have access to all kinds of presenters and podcasts—there are tons of podcasts out there to choose from,” says Don Morris, USMB National Director. “This isn’t some new concept. But, this is us—this is MBs sharing ideas with other MBs, and hopefully beyond that as well. ‘It’s the best of us to the rest of us.’”

Matt Ehresman is the host of LEAD Pods. Matt has served as media director at Ridgepoint Church in Wichita, Kansas, for nearly seven years, where he oversees graphic design, video, web design and social media. “My goal is to make the content relevant for anyone who may choose to listen,” Ehresman says. “I suppose most people listening will be leaders in MB churches, but it certainly isn’t limited to only pastors. I think we’ll cover topics that will be helpful and meaningful to Christians wherever they live and whatever their role in the local church or community looks like.”

LEAD Pods are accessible on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify and on the USMB website.



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