Mere Sexuality


 by Todd Wilson

Todd Wilson writes as an active pastor and theologian. Mere Sexuality is about the times in which we live and the Church’s rich historical and theological tradition regarding the purpose of sex. Wilson shares that we live in a culture that seeks to promote recreational sex and the idea that one’s gender is a matter of personal choice. Wilson claims these ideas come from misguided notions and the lack of a basic Biblical understanding of sex.

After much research regarding LGBTQ issues, a friend recommended that I read Mere Sexuality by Todd Wilson. After visiting Wilson’s website and watching some of his videos, I became interested in his views, even though I was still a bit skeptical. My skepticism vanished as I began to read. What I found was not only a theological position grounded in Christology, but also a discussion of how this position connects, or fails to connect, with many of today’s sexual practices. I found an author that brings much of what he says home with stories of real people.

I highly recommend this book. I believe that the author did an excellent job of addressing both LGBTQ issues as well as hetero-sexual issues. I would recommend this book as a good resource for a Life-group study or Sunday School class topical study.

Don’t just pass this book along to someone without inviting them to engage in a conversation about its contents.

Book review by Dave Loewen. Dave serves on the U.S Board of Faith and Life. He and his wife, Joanne, live in Hillsboro, Kansas.

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