New LEAD Inititives coming this Fall!

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One of the key LEAD initiatives USMB offers for resourcing our pastors and church leaders is LEAD Cohorts, and we have another great line-up of cohorts available for you this fall. Most of the LEAD Cohorts will begin the first week of September and will meet every two weeks or so for three months. So, it’s not a long commitment, but it’s a valuable one!
Matthew Hamilton, pastor of Valleyview Bible Church in Cimarron, Kansas, writes, “[I] really enjoy these opportunities for the LEAD Cohorts. I’ve been a part of several since their inception, and it gives me an opportunity to connect with other pastors across the U.S. Sometimes being a pastor gets a little lonely. You feel a little isolated and these cohorts allow me the opportunity to connect and share and pray with and even get to minister sometimes to these other pastors and church leaders.”
USMB is offering the following LEAD Cohorts this fall:
  • About Nothing for Those Who Want to Talk About Something – Phil Wiebe and Tim Thiessen
  • About Nothing for Those Who Want to Talk About Something – Brian Wiebe and Curt Vogt
  • Church Planters Chat – Fred Leonard
  • Congolese Pastors and Leaders – Henri Ngolo and Doug Hiebert
  • Contemplative Conversations – Chandelle Claassen
  • Conviction & Posture: How to hold strong convictions while having a loving posture – J.L. Martin
  • Diseñado para liderar II – Daniel Rodriguez
  • Ethiopian Pastors and Leaders – Henock Tsegaye
  • Intimacy with Jesus – Diane Andrews
  • Leadership Principles for Long-Serving Pastors – Ed Boschman
  • Leading a 20-minute Corporate Prayer Meeting – Esther Leonard
  • Let’s talk: Conversations with Missionaries – Stephen Humber
  • Preaching and Teaching Colossians and Hebrews – Jared Pulliam
  • Youth Ministry Realities – Russ Claassen
Justin Goble, pastor of youth at Good News Fellowship in Ferndale, Washington, participated in the youth workers’ cohort led by Russ Claassen. He shares, “The youth pastor [cohort] has been really encouraging, especially because I haven’t been able to connect with a lot of youth pastors in my area, so it’s been a good time to bounce different ideas off each other, figure out how to do our ministry in this time and be encouraged by hearing stories of others and also being able to help others.”
I have many other quotes I could share. We have received numerous positive responses from cohort participants. LEAD Cohorts are an integral part of USMB’s game-plan for helping our pastors and church leaders reach their full God-given ministry potential. We seek to provide cohorts that address each of our three core commitments: church multiplication/evangelism, intentional disciple-making and leadership development.
LEAD Cohorts are free* and are for pastors, ministry leaders and any others who want to sharpen ministry skills or share beneficial interaction time with others. There are cohorts led by both men and women. There are subject-centered cohorts, cohorts for specific ministry leaders and cohorts about nothing in particular. There are also cohorts for Spanish-, Amharic- and French-speaking participants. I encourage you to join one (or two) this fall.
*The only cost might be for materials or books that are recommended by the cohort leader.
It’s easy to join a LEAD Cohort! Register online by clicking here.

Join us for a two-part webinar series on discipleship with author and church planter Ben Connelly. Save the date for this free series held via Zoom on Tuesday, Sept. 14 and Tuesday, Sept. 28 at 10:30 a.m. CDT. The series will be based on Connelly’s newest book, A Field Guide for Genuine Community. Register by Aug. 15 to be entered in a drawing to win one of three free copies of Ben’s book! Click here for more information or to register.

Don Morris
USMB National Director

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