Paint Party!

What is one thing that kids love to do and parents put off because of the mess it creates? You guessed it: painting! Paint-party businesses have sprung up in cities and towns. You don’t have to rent a paint-party place. Do it yourself! Gather the paints you already have around your church and buy some paint-quality paper. Make a great evening for your community/families.

Does your church have a large space that could be used for this? Put a tarp on the floor and let the fun begin. Invite neighborhood families to join in. Maybe it’s finger painting for younger children. Or try having people paint a picture of the church’s pastor. All kinds of ideas can be incorporated—just for fun.

If you want to take this to the next level, find someone (maybe a church member) who gives painting lessons and ask him or her to come for the event and give a short lesson before walking around and giving people tips while they paint. Some painting teachers would jump at the chance to connect with this many potential clients and may do it for free! If people love this idea and want to get more involved in recurring art events, consider creating an artisan community in your church.

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