Reading the Bible, Missing the Gospel: Recovering from (Shockingly Common) Ways We Get the Bible Wrong in Our Everyday Lives

Don’t keep asking God for forgiveness. Do judge one another. And you’re not going to heaven for all eternity!

How have we misunderstood the teachings of Jesus?  Often His message to the leaders and disciples was: You’re getting this wrong! Somewhere along the way you got confused, lost, way off track. Would He have the same assessment of us today?

In Reading the Bible, Missing the Gospel, pastor and author Ben Connelly shows us how to recover God’s original intentions in light of the story of redemption. Connelly helps us celebrate and understand how Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection are truly good news for the tangible situations in our everyday lives. Biblical misunderstandings can lead to a small view of God—but truth overturns that. It expands our hearts for God and enables us to truly love others!

Using theology, humor, and practical examples the author reveals shockingly common ways we get the Bible wrong. Connelly invites Christians to see themes and teachings with new eyes—or, rather, with old eyes—on topics like confession and forgiveness . . . what it means to be blessed or happy . . . whether we’re commanded to or prohibited from passing judgement. How does the gospel inform our understanding and answer these questions? Connelly gives readers a new gospel-focused lens that addresses common frustrations and helps them see with renewed hope, clarity, and courage.

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